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For the New Age Entrepreneur - A guide to help you take the first steps towards your "calling&

Surabhi Kalsi

As a teacher trainer, one of the questions I get asked often is How do I get started? I feel called to become an Angel Teacher or a Unicorn Teacher or a Healer, I know that this is what I need to do. But how and where do I begin?

It is important for your wellbeing to find alignment between your soul calling, your work and the way you live your life. Many hours are spent on your career or work in a day. It’s a big part of your life and it is important that you love what you do.

It can seem daunting to make a change especially when you have trained for a different mainstream career, when your current career is your source of abundance even if you don’t love what you do anymore or perhaps never did. But we were not told to choose our careers based on what we loved. Traditionally it was based on other things like prestige, income, family tradition, cultural conditioning etc. So it is completely okay to feel and address that nagging feeling that’s telling you to make a change.

Setting your Intention

Stating your intention is a powerful way to direct your energies into the direction you wish to go. You can follow your own unique way of doing this, you can use the following as an example.

I hold the intention of following through with my soul guidance. I am willing to create space in my life, take action steps that are needed to bring my soul desire into my reality. I know that I am supported by the Universe as we co-create this experience.

Check in with yourself

Often what is within us is reflected back at us. Our beliefs create our reality. As always your beliefs will drive this experience for you. Look at your beliefs and change what does not feel right and is a limiting belief. Here are a few questions to ask yourself.

Do I believe that I can do the work I love and it can be a source of my abundance?

Do I have the courage to take a step even if I don’t know how it will pan out?

Do I trust my guidance?

Am I ready to make this commitment and have the patience to Grow on my path?

Do I believe that I can charge for my work based on service or spirituality or a “hobby”?

Look for the “blessings” of your current career/work

Nothing happens by chance in this Universe. Your current career has contributed to your life in many ways. It has helped you hone many skills, experience growth and taught you many things. It is a part of your story.

Look at and make a list of what your strengths are and the skills you have perfected in your current career/work. Make a list of at least five blessings of your current career/your training or education.

Look at “marrying” your skill set

Now look at what are the things, skills and advantages that I have because of my current career/training/work that can help me in developing my soul based or conscious work/business?

For example, I am good at coding and the skills needed to build an effective online presence. This can help me greatly in building an online business, reaching out to people, leveraging an online business model.

Another example could be, I have create writing skills thanks to my current career and I can start a blog to express my soul calling and reach out to people. Your current career can help you take that first step. It will help you create your own signature style, your secret sauce, your own unique expression. The people in your current network, thanks to your work could be your first audience.

Finding your balance

You don’t need to make a drastic change. Make a comfortable change. The definition of comfortable change could be different for everyone. You may not have to worry about a stable income and can switch over to starting from the scratch with your soul calling based career. You may want to keep your current career going as it is the primary source of your income and start on the side with your new career. This is different for everyone. Find that balance and set time aside to spend it on developing your new career.

For example, you may reduce your working hours in your current business if you can, or work on your days off on your new career by perhaps learning new skills, taking a training that is needed for you to start your work, working on yourself, having a spiritual practice etc

Phasing out

On the path of following your soul calling, you will be supported along the way. You will have access to the resources that can help you, you will grow as an individual and you will contribute to the growth of others. As you will move forward, things that are no longer needed will phase out almost organically. You will feel the Power that supports you when you live a life in alignment with your soul guidance.

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