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Glastonbury - A Journey To Avalon

Surabhi Kalsi Photography

Glastonbury is a magical little town in Somerset, England. . It is also known as the Heart Chakra of our planet and is an energy vortex. The energies here are very special and sacred, seeped in history, legends and mysticism. It’s a place I have gone back to many times. Even though on the surface it seems like this town is frozen in time and nothing really changes but each time I have experienced it differently. I have had many wonderful experiences here with the Angels, fairies etc. This is the place where I first experienced the angelic energy and photographed many orbs. Even before you enter this beautiful town, the sight of the Torr welcomes you. At its summit is the tower of St. Michael, the only surviving part of a church that existed in ancient times. It has witnessed all those who have walked these sacred grounds from King Arthur to Sarah to all the people who are called to the mystical Avalon.

Archangel Michael and the Torr Archangel Michael is perhaps the most popular Archangel in the world! He is also known as the Prince of God. He is the Angel of protection, courage and also communications/throat chakra. The Torr is a small hillock with a labyrinth etched around it and the roofless tower of Archangel Michael sits on the top. There are many legends associated with the Torr and they are best experienced as each individual has a unique journey here.

The Chalice Well and the Lion head There are two springs that run here. One is the White Spring that flows from under the Torr. And the other is the Red Spring. It is called the Red spring for many reasons, but the most obvious one is that due to the presence of iron ore, the water leaves a reddish hue. It is said to have healing properties.

The Chalice well is a sacred space dedicated to Love. This place is steeped in symbolism, the vesica piscis, the spirals are etched everywhere in the Chalice well Gardens. The Lion Head is the Source from where the water flows and is collected by the visitors to drink and to take home with them. The temperature of this sacred spring stays the same throughout the year.

The Lady of Avalon Apart from the angels, this sacred place is also home to a Goddess Temple. This temple honors the Divine Feminine and the Goddess in all her aspects. The Lady of Avalon is revered here as the Goddess of this sacred land.

St. John’s Church and the Labyrinth A beautiful labyrinth is etched on the grounds of the St. John’s church. A labyrinth is a spiritual tool to make a journey to your center. As you walk the labyrinth, you seem to come back to the same place but with a different perspective – it also indicates the cycles of life.

The High Street This tiny street is a treasure trove of wonderful, conscious products and crystals. The stores carry a variety of products and there is something for everyone. Most products are handmade with intent and are inspired by this place and its many legends. You will find angels, fairies and other magical beings with interesting, creative products depicting them.

Glastonbury is an exploration, an experience and a place to re-align your Self – to step in between times and go back refreshed with a new perspective and understanding. It’s the perfect pause.

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