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Five Simple ways to be happier everyday

Happiness is a choice. It is also the primary goal for most of us. Happiness is not something outside of you to be chased. Nor is it dependent on things and people in your life. Happiness is intrinsic. Happiness is also a point of view. If you shift the way you perceive things and people in your life, you will experience life differently. So let’s look at five simple ways you can choose happiness every day.

Have a positive morning ritual

The start of the day is the most important part of the day. It will set the tone for the rest of the day. Cultivate a morning ritual that is positive and your time to connect with yourself. It could be anything that helps you form a connection with your higher self or God. It could be a spiritual practice, prayer ritual, fitness ritual, time set aside to write affirmations, visualization about how you want your day to go etc. This is your daily dose of Vitamin B(e) positive - Practice being before you dive into a day of doing things.

Practice Mindfulness

Being present to the moment will help you eliminate thoughts and things that we tend to carry forward from past experience. It will free you from worry and anxiety over the past. There are constant stories running in our heads and we often are expecting the worst to happen. We carry impressions about people and we often react from that space. We expect them to be rude or aggressive or non-understanding and they respond accordingly. By being in the moment you can respond to the current scenario without letting your own judgments and fears coming into the picture. A constant reminder – That was then, this is now!

Invest in inspiration

Sound and music have the ability to inspire and uplift you. Instead of gossiping, worrying or fretting over things, listen to some good music – it could be anything that makes you feel happy and upbeat. You may listen to angelic music or chants. This is especially good for the time you spend travelling to work or other destinations. Use your time to read up about inspiring life stories, blogs etc. Social media is a treasure trove for inspiration seekers. Start with my favorite – TED talks!

Cultivate the Art of Appreciation

Yes! Make it a point to appreciate the good that you see in your day. Appreciate people for a job well done, appreciate someone dressed up nicely and spread some good cheer around you. Make people feel appreciated and loved – it will boomerang back at you. Look out for the beauty that is around you – the flowers, the trees, the architecture, the support system and the blessings. Say nice things – to yourself and others. Don’t pass up on an opportunity to say a kind word. Don’t be stingy with compliments!

Find Grace in gratitude

Wherever you are in your life, there is a lot to be grateful for. Make a daily practice of writing in a gratitude journal. It’s best done at the end of the day. When you focus on the good, on what is working in your life, you attract more of that. You shift your vibration from lack to abundance. And life responds accordingly. Sometimes we just forget how blessed we are. We take things and people for granted – being grateful is also about letting people know how much they mean to you.

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