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Everyone is Creative! What are you creating?

Each one of us is creative. We are creating every minute though most of the time we are doing this unconsciously. Every thought that you are thinking is creating your life experience. Whether you are aware of this or not, whether you want to believe this or not – this is true for each one of us.

The simplest way to understand is to expand our understanding of the Universe. We live in a “Vibrational” Universe. Anything that exists in this Universe carries a vibration. Every thought that we think creates a feeling or emotion in us. These emotions or feelings send out a vibration into the Universe. For e.g. – You want a promotion at work. You have been working towards it; have been trying to manifest it etc. But your underlying thought or fear is “I am not good enough.” Or “I will not be evaluated fairly for this promotion.” This is sending out a vibration that is not a match for the vibration of your desired outcome. This mismatch creates struggle or challenges or even the opposite of what you desire – the Universe is always proving you right! It’s often not what we wish for or want but what is going on inside us at a subconscious level that ultimately manifests itself. Over a period of time, the thoughts we give energy to become our beliefs and our beliefs become our point of attraction.

The good news is – It’s only a thought and a thought can be changed. One of the most powerful tools for bringing about this shift is Creative Visualization.

What is Creative Visualization?

A creative visualization is a conscious and/or guided visioning of what you wish to bring about. It is creating in your imagination and in your vibration what you wish to bring about. Continuing with the example above, if you desire a job promotion, you will visualize/imagine that you already have it. How will it feel to be promoted? How does your new office look like? It is about pulling into the present the vibration of what you desire. First you create it in your imagination/thought and generate a vibration that aligns with your desired outcome vibrationally.

Here are five different ways you can use Creative Visualization


Creative visualizations are a great manifestation tool. When you wish to manifest a desire, use creative visualization to help you stay focused on the desired outcome. For example – You wish to manifest your dream home. Create a visualization about your home as if you are already living there. Include all the details, as many as possible.


Creative visualization takes goal setting to another level. It’s a great exercise for the entire team to feel aligned to a common vision. Create a visualization and see yourself and your team achieving all the goals and working in harmony and co-operation. Invite the magic of the Universe into your lives by visualizing that it is sending you the resources and support required to achieve your desired outcome.

Connecting with other dimensions

Creative visualization helps connect with higher dimensions and our subconscious. It is a great tool for energy work and for working from our heart centre. It is very useful to tap into our spiritual aspect or the divine aspect that is present in all of us. When you operate from this space you are in the field of pure potentiality – everything is possible. Our world is divided into dimensions. A lot of guides, angels and higher dimensional beings are ready to work with us, to help us live for our highest and greatest good and express our soul purpose in this world. We can connect with them by using creative visualization.

Pivoting negative thoughts

If you feel yourself getting caught up in the downward spiral of negative thoughts and drama, creative visualization can come to your rescue! Close your eyes and think of the positive aspects of the situation or simply count your blessings. Look for the silver lining or simply give thanks for all that is working in your life.


Creative visualization can help you overcome stress. When you program your subconscious and conscious mind to think positive, it is much easier to achieve things as there is a flow and alignment in your thoughts and action. If you have been feeling that you are swimming against the current, creative visualization can help you to be in the flow of your life.

So why not create consciously?

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