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5 ways Archangel Michael can help you in your everyday life

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is perhaps the most popular Archangel on the planet. He is called upon for (energetic) protection, courage and communication. He is in-charge of the throat chakra which is the chakra of communication and expression. He is the patron Saint of policemen, soldiers and can be called upon in difficult and challenging situations. Think of him as a friend and guide who is dedicated to help you. Remember to ask for his assistance as the angels respect the Law of Free Will and will never interfere in your life unless you ask them to. You can work with him in your day to day life and in all aspects of life. Here are five simple ways to work with the mighty Archangel Michael.


Call upon Archangel Michael to shield you in difficult situations. If you are entering into a difficult meeting or any challenging situation at work, call upon Archangel Michael to shield you and your energy. You can do this by using this simple prayer.

Dear Archangel Michael - Please place your protective purple light bubble around me to shield me from any lower energies. (Visualize a purple light bubble around you).Thank you.


You can call upon Archangel Michael to protect your home and your loved ones too. You can call in his protection in times of stress or when everything seems to be going wrong. You can also make it a daily ritual to call Archangel Michael by your side to watch over you through the day and in the night as you sleep. You can ask him to protect your child from bullies and negative people. Here is a simple prayer.

Dear Archangel Michael – Please be by my side as I go through this day. Please keep me safe and protected from any lower energies and negativity. Help me choose and focus upon the positive aspects in all situations. Thank you.


Call upon Archangel Michael when you need courage – it could be the courage to deal with any challenging situation or the courage to speak your truth or to stand up for what you believe in. Michael is the patron saint of policemen, soldiers, the sick and the suffering. If you are in a profession that requires you to be brave and courageous in difficult life threatening situations, you can call upon Michael for assistance.


Archangel Michael can be called upon if you are experiencing any issues with communications. He is in charge of the throat chakra and is helpful in clearing misunderstandings, improving communication skills and speaking your truth in any situation. You can call upon him before you head for meetings at work or when you need to make an important presentation or hold a training/workshop for a group of people. If your electronic devices like the laptop or phone are giving you trouble, you can ask Archangel Michael to assist you in fixing them.


We tend to hold on to and not express what might be frustrating us or making us angry. We tend to bury any hurt or resentment deep within us. It could be challenging to express our truth in relationships because of doubts and fears from past experience. Or we may simply be scared of rocking the boat or losing a person. This could lead to misunderstandings and self-sabotage. Archangel Michael will help you express your true feelings and emotions in any given situation in safe and loving ways.

P.S. – The angelic energy is very positive and uplifting. When you ask the angels to help, they usually send assistance through signs, repetitive feelings, synchronicity and your intuition. They will place the signs in front of you with a sense of “knowing” – you will know that you need to act on a feeling or idea as it is your divine guidance.

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