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Good vibes only - Build positive energy in your home in five easy ways

good vibes only

Have you visited a place and instantly felt uncomfortable? Have you visited a home that feels happy and positive? Living spaces have energies too. You will be able to pick up the vibe easily and the difference in energy is usually very pronounced. As we go about our lives, our homes are also absorbing the energies that we express. It gets caught in the furniture, the walls and the objects in the house. This may happen instantly or over a period of time.

Just as we sweep away the dust and physical dirt, we need to cleanse our living space energetically too. Negative or lower energy could build up because of disharmony or illness. It could be carried into your home by a visitor unintentionally. A home is a reflection of us, our sanctuary and it is important that we create a positive, uplifting space for ourselves and the entire family.

To dislodge any negativity and to build upon the positive vibes of your home you can use any of the following methods. You may follow a mix of these different methods to uplift your living space and keep the vibrations high.

Clear the clutter

Any objects that have been lying around without being used for a long time should be removed from your home. Any old files, books that are just piling up gathering dust should be removed or stored appropriately. Remove any dead plants from your home. Give away the old that is not in use and is just stagnant energy. Open up the windows and let fresh air in every day. Fill your home with positive energy by bringing in positive images, fresh flowers, plants and objects that uplift your mood and make you happy. You may use angel figurines and pictures as they carry the angelic vibration.

Use sage to smudge your home

An old tribal tradition, smudging the house with dried sage at regular intervals is a great way to cleanse it energetically. Especially after a fight or disagreement in the family, when someone expresses hurt, anger or resentment, this energy should be cleared away as soon as possible. You may do so by burning sage leaves or lighting sage incense sticks. The smoke from burning sage removes stagnant and negative energy.

Play mantras and high vibration music

Chants, mantras, prayers, angel music are all powerful ways of building positive energy in your home. Make it a daily ritual to fill your home with high vibration music. It could be an uplifting start to your day or a part of your prayer ritual. Sound is a very powerful medium as it can travel above, below and across dimensions and layers.

Build a sacred space

It could be a small space or corner of your home where you place meaningful objects like a picture of angels or saints or any deity you believe in. Everyday, light a candle and/or burn incense to raise the vibrations of your sacred space. You may use crystals to build positive vibrations. Crystals carry different vibrations according to their properties; they bring in and enhance specific qualities. For example, if you want to bring in the vibrations of love, choose a rose quartz crystal. Remember to cleanse your crystals regularly.

Cleansing with rock salt

Rock salt helps absorb any residual or negative energy. Cleaning your home with salt water or putting out a bowl filled with black salt in a room helps absorb any lower vibrations and energies. Just as bath salts help you feel relaxed and energized by drawing out lower vibrations, using salts in your home will keep it energized and cleansed. You can create your own special mix by putting salt, dried rose petals and herbs together. Remember to empty out these bowls regularly.

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