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Mount Shasta Travel Diaries - WATER, WATER, Everywhere...

Mount Shasta is home to many legends and mysteries. Starting with the legend of the Lemurians (believed to be living under the mountain) to its mysticism as the etheric retreat of Archangel Gabriel; there is no end to its appeal. Mount Shasta is an energy vortex – points on Earth that are believed to be portals to higher dimensions. I was aware of all these legends. But as it happens at places like these with very high consciousness and energy – It’s always better to expect the unexpected!

I AM Conscious ENERGY

The strongest connect that I formed at Mount Shasta was surprisingly and unexpectedly with the water element. Yes, the good old H2O that we drink everyday on autopilot. I tasted the purest form of water – filtered under the mountain, at the Source.

It was pure energy – it was conscious. As I sipped the water, I began to understand the meaning of consciousness – living from a space where I am aware of the sacredness and inter-connectedness of everything around me.

I AM a part of the whole, embodying the whole

My relationship with water was non-existent up until a few years ago. I became aware of its importance as one of the five elements (the others being Air, Fire, Earth and Spirit.) These are the building blocks and the elements that are invoked during rituals – be it new age or ancient traditions. Water was still something outside of me, an external element. At Mount Shasta, I became aware of water as a part of me. I was made present to the fact that I am 70 percent water. Water is the building block and the catalyst. The moon causes the tides in my body just as it affects the oceans. It made me think of how my emotions are heightened during certain phases of the moon. It made me understand my own ebb and flow. Our body is like a mini version of the entire cosmos – it flows with the cycles. The moon cycle is the most closely integrated cycle that impacts not just our emotions but also our healing patterns. I recently read about a study that talks about a connection between the waxing and waning phases of the moon and its impact on patients healing after a major surgery.


As I look around there is no dearth of symbolism when it comes to Water and its energy. Interestingly water is represented by one of the suits in the tarot deck. In the traditional tarot the suit of cups is connected to our emotions. Water represents emotions - tender, gentle, nourishing or forceful, deadly and dangerous – this or that – there is no in between – just like our emotions – either they are present or they are absent - either they are nurturing or they are destructive – and we strive to achieve a balance.

Water represents flow and water can also represent stagnation – it depends on how its being held – just as in life we can either hold onto things till they stink or we can let them go, freeing ourselves to receive the new.

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