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Is Forgiveness for me?

surabhi kalsi forgiveness intensive coaching

Not sure if forgiveness is for you? If you answer yes to even one of the following then you are holding on to un-forgiveness and it’s time forgive! Introspect, reflect and release with love and move forward in life.

  1. You see an unhealthy pattern repeat in your life in terms of relationships, work etc.

  2. You feel unloved and resentful.

  3. You feel that something that happened many years ago still consumes you

  4. You react in an “extreme” way to a small incident that can be managed easily

  5. You get triggered without meaning to do so consciously

  6. You are often blaming others for the wrongs in your life

  7. You feel stuck and unable to move forward

  8. You are beating yourself down for something that happened a while ago

  9. You feel unreasonably angry

  10. You find it difficult to love yourself/the other and be happy

Join Surabhi Kalsi in the FORGIVENESS INTENSIVE, a program designed to forgive the Self, Source and Other. It’s the emotional deep cleanse that will help you let go of the old and create a life you love. To know more please contact Surabhi.

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