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Choosing Forgiveness is choosing Love

Surabhi Kalsi forgiveness coaching

​What is your energy when you feel loved, honored and valued? And what is your energy when you feel resentful and stuck? Which is a better place to be? The way you feel, the things you believe about yourself and the world, determine your life experience.

Here are five ways forgiveness can improve your life

1/ Let go of all that is not love

We have all experienced anger, guilt, hurt and envy at some point of time in our lives. We have grown up thinking anger, resentment, hurt and envy is bad. And we have felt guilty about being “selfish” or reacting with anger among other things. We have never been taught to express these “negative” emotions safely. How many of us have heard this in our childhood – “It’s okay to feel angry?” Emotions just are, it’s we who label them. Many a times to hold on to our image of being good or to fit into our acceptable model of good behavior and the definition of a good person, we tend to hold down anger or hurt. Unexpressed emotions, anger, hurt turns into resentment and if left to fester, it manifests as dis-ease in your body. In fact, resentment is identified as an emotional cause of cancer.

Accepting, releasing and managing anger, hurt, resentment etc. is critical. And forgiveness helps you manage and release unexpressed emotions, the baggage that you have been holding on to by transforming it with understanding and love.

2/ Loving yourself

Forgiveness opens the door to self-love. Here’s a simple analogy – holding on to un-forgiveness is like holding on to a hot piece of coal in your hand, waiting to throw it at the other person who has wronged you. In the process, you end up burning yourself. In this scenario, what would be the most loving thing to do for your self? Let go of the piece of coal that is burning you. Forgiveness is for you. It has nothing to do with the other person. When you let go of the angst, the resentment and hurt you are free. Very often we need to forgive ourselves too. Everyone makes mistakes, disappoints and is out of sync at times and that is OK. It’s important to learn the lesson rather than staying stuck in that experience by being unforgiving. Be humble, own up to your mistakes and apologize instead of beating yourself down.

3/ Create a life you love

Forgiveness helps you move forward by creating a fluid life experience. If you are stuck in what was and hoarding on to dis-empowering beliefs, patterns and unexpressed emotions, then you can’t really move forward and create a life you love. You need to release the old for the new to enter. so that you are not controlled or consumed by the incident. If you blame the other(s) for your experience, you are giving your power away. Forgiveness puts you back in the driving seat of your life experience.

4/ Loving Others

Have you ever experienced a scenario where something happens and it triggers something big in you? A small incident, casual conversation makes you react in a way that is “extreme” or out of balance? Often what we see in others is our projection. Forgiveness helps you let go of these triggers and projections, which can give a new lease of life to stagnating relationships. It helps you choose and create a healthier relationship with yourself and others.

5/ Creating boundaries with love

There are a few people who always manage to tick you off in fact you expect them to be negative and condescending and they never disappoint you! When you stop reacting to them, they have no power over you. Forgiveness helps you by transforming your reactions into responses. It helps you keep your zone clear of people who are not on your vibrational level. It’s impossible to get along with everyone and ignoring them is not an option but one can certainly create healthy boundaries with love by being forgiving and kind.

Join Surabhi Kalsi in the FORGIVENESS INTENSIVE, a one month coaching + angelic guidance program designed to forgive the Self, Source and Other. It’s the emotional deep cleanse that will help you let go of the old and create a life you love. To know more please contact Surabhi.

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