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For the New Age Entrepreneur – Five things that will help you carve out a conscious career out of yo

Surabhi Kalsi new age entrepreneur

We live in interesting times. Today we have the resources, opportunities and the reach to create work that we love. The traditional frameworks of a respectable job, business practices, titles and hierarchies are dissolving and consciousness is rising. The world is in need of more artists, mavericks, healers and visionaries. It is interesting to observe that so many people are quitting traditional jobs and careers to carve free flowing work that is their calling.

Work is no longer just a means to pay bills or even an achievement but more of an expression of one’s self with an element of service and purpose. Here are five things you need to look at that will help you carve out a rewarding conscious career out of what you know is an expression of your calling.

Identifying Personal Values

What are your personal values? Your values could be freedom, creativity, growth, happiness, contribution etc. In the most simplistic way – What makes you happy? What makes you thrive? What’s important to you in life? Make a list of your personal values and narrow them down to a top ten. This way you will arrive at your core values from your interests and not the “should” values that may or may not be in sync with you. Base your working style and goals around your personal values.

Identifying the Core Values of your work

Work is not just work, it’s a relationship. You will be investing many hours of your life in this important relationship. A career is defined as an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life. It is a long standing relationship and you need to build a strong foundation. Look at the core values here. The most rewarding relationships are based on two core values – passion and commitment. Is your work something you can do 24 by 7? Does it excite you and in spite of the setbacks your commitment to your work is unshakable? With passion and commitment you can excel and when you excel, money follows you. That is how abundant, high consciousness businesses are built – where money, name and recognition are the by-products. They will come to you, they need not be chased.

Service, Spirit and Contribution

Make Service one of the core values of your business and ask yourself the question – How can I be of service? How am I contributing to the world? You could be of service with your art, with your blog, with your kindness – today you can reach out to people in a big way through social media, you can make a global impact – geography, country or culture is no longer a limitation.

Everything is part magic. And when you open yourself and your work up to the Spirit – you allow something bigger, something beyond the limitations of your mind, to guide you. The Spirit/Source/Universe can be tapped in to help you create resources, find the right people for your work, help you reach the people who can benefit from your services and so much more. Do your bit to the best of your ability and open the rest up to the Spirit! Partner up with the Universe.

Skill Set and personal imprint

Are you trained and capable to the highest standards of integrity and quality? Do you need to learn more, attend any training, and get a certification that will help you in a meaningful way? For example - As an online entrepreneur, you need to know social media. Almost all businesses have an online presence today. Keep yourself up to date with the changes and the new skills in the market. You may or may not do everything on your own but you need to be able to do everything on your own! You need to know the inside out of your work as you are the Brand - the values and ethos of your work. A personal touch and attention to detail always show up.

Set up Systems and Outsource

Set up systems for most tasks. Today it is easier to schedule, manage and collate information be it mailing lists, social media posts, client information etc. with the help of websites and software that are a blessing for an entrepreneur. You can run most things from your phone. As you grow and add people to your team, it will be easier if you already have systems in place – you may go the non-traditional way and hire people as and when you need. You may hire from any country and outsource as required.

You start by taking one step at a time, you don’t know what’s coming up and you don’t know how the journey will be. Your work will take on a life of its own and take you places. Stay focused, stay relevant and allow the magic to unfold.

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