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Airplane Angel - Are you following the signs?

I believe in angels. They have been a part of my life and I often turn to them for help and guidance. I get their messages through signs – a phrase in a book, a song, a movie that is playing as I randomly switch on the TV and the lines spoken are so relevant as if they were written for me. Their messages come through a thought, an urge, an insistent feeling. It has been a rewarding journey and my connection with them has deepened over time. Today, I can sense their presence as the room temperature shifts, I can see sparkles of light and I can hear their guidance like a thought or a voice in my head. I speak about them, I work with them and I have captured many Orbs and images in my photographs. I know they are everywhere. Like a guardian, a protector. Like a friend, philosopher and guide. They have always held my hand. On this journey, there were many incidents that made me go “Wow! Did you just do that? Was that you!?” This particular incident amazes me to this day as it illustrates beautifully the wonderful ways of the angels. I was travelling to the destination wedding of a friend. It was a regular day, the last minute packing, the long drive to the airport and the wait to board. On the surface I was the seasoned traveler off to a popular seaside destination for some sunshine, fun and frolic. As I boarded the flight, I noticed that it was not a full flight. I promptly settled in my window seat. I didn’t wish to speak with anyone and was happy that no one sat next to me. That particular day, my mind was full of questions. I was conflicted between my heart and my head. I was in deep thought, analyzing every aspect of my dilemma and was reaching nowhere. The angels often speak about being in the present. The past is over and the future is not here yet. This present moment is the only moment of reality we have. I knew that but somehow nothing was making sense. Why is this happening? What can I do to resolve this? Is this all my fault? These were some of the questions in my head. I was in the downward spiral of conflict and hopelessness and I was not able to pull myself out.

As I went over this in my mind, a mental tussle that is so exhausting and lot of it just imagination; I was looking out of the window into the clouds. I always feel closer to the angels in the clouds! To me this is the best part of flying on a plane, with childlike glee I can look out of the window and mentally converse with the angels, seeing a wing here, a unicorn there, shaped out of the clouds! I urge them to appear in front of me! It’s like as if I am in-between time and space, the wisps of floating clouds around and below like a carpet I could walk on, leading me to the retreat of the angels. It always makes me happy. But on this day I was not able to fully be in the present moment. I asked the angels to help me as this mental chatter was driving me crazy. I was scanning the clouds for a sign, something…anything that would pull me out of this despair and give me my peace of mind back! I was suddenly distracted by a loud voice. I turned to look and found a man standing at the front of the plane and he was speaking on top of his voice. My reaction started with annoyance, disbelief (Why is no one stopping him? Where is the crew?); finally turning into a realization. He seemed to be in a trance, he seemed very moved and I could clearly feel his conviction as he spoke. “I am a medical doctor and I almost died. I could not save myself but God saved me. Leave everything to God. Leave everything to God.” He then started moving down the aisle speaking these sentences over and over again. I turned and looked out of the window and I saw a beautiful rainbow between the clouds. I felt an instant shift in myself – I was not going to bother myself with things that were not in my control. I at that moment surrendered everything to God and decided to embrace the joy and happiness in my life. I was pulled out of the abyss of negativity and despair. I thanked the angels and as I looked out of the window, I saw another rainbow! I was amazed at the way this message was delivered to me. I don’t think anything subtle would have worked at that time as I wouldn’t have understood it. This was impossible to ignore. I have traveled across the world and never in my experience have I encountered anything like this. I look at the synchronicity – I was seated in the front section of the plane, it was a short flight to a popular destination and the flight was almost empty. It was a small plane and I could hear this man loud and clear. I caught on to two lines which I could hear over and over – “God saved me. Leave everything to God.” I have no clue about who he was and what’s his story but he was the messenger that day and through him the angels spoke.

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