Mount Shasta Travel Diaries

Mount Shasta Travel Diaries is a series based on the author’s experiences during her stay at Mount Shasta, California.

Mount Shasta is a piece of paradise tucked away in a very modern, very American corner of this planet.

What is Mount Shasta?

The town of Mount Shasta is located at the foot of a mountain (a dormant volcano) called Mount Shasta, from which it derives its name, fame and raison d’etre. The Mountain (as its called by the locals) holds a central place in this community. Most of the locals who have come and settled here, describe it as a calling. “The Mountain called me here.” – is a common and acceptable reason for making this place home. The Mountain has given many a fresh start – and it supports them not only spiritually but also by giving them multiple ways of generating an income. Thanks to the Mountain and its mysticism, this little piece of paradise has a global appeal.

The Mountain and the legends

Mount Shasta is home to many legends and mysteries that are tied to the Mountain. Starting off with the legend of the Lemurians – the survivors from this lost civilization are said to be living under the mountain, which is believed to be hollow. A whole world exists within and under the Mountain, very different from our own. Mount Shasta is also considered to be the etheric retreat of Archangel Gabriel. Mount Shasta is essentially an energy vortex – points on Earth that are believed to be portals to higher dimensions, where the veil between the dimensions is very thin.

This Journey will change you

As I planned my itinerary I contemplated upon why was I travelling half way across the world to be there? The whole trip fell in place magically. Was the Mountain calling me too? I love to travel and I do have the spirit of a gypsy but I didn’t know what to expect. I knew I wouldn’t run into a Lemurian but I think the very thought of that was exciting enough and it stoked my imagination!

Wonder to me is a good place to be

As I drove into Mount Shasta, I looked out of the window and it was a beautiful, clear sky studded with a multitude of stars. The star spangled sky seemed so close to me that I felt I could reach out and touch the stars – it brought wonder back into my life. I wondered about the sheer beauty and magnitude of nature, the Creator who brought it all to life, the grandeur and bigness of life, the magic and power that surrounds me and how I cannot even see it, in my day to day life.

This remains my favorite memory – I could see and feel the wonder of this beautiful planet. The wonder of being – simply being.

I Am Present

The aura of this place is decidedly different – it feels like you are living in a higher dimension. Everything has an enhanced quality. There is a serene sense of timelessness – nothing matters when you are here – it’s you and a direct experience with everything that’s around you. There is no past, no future, just this present moment. I lived exactly like I do in my day-to-day life – with all the modern amenities and luxuries – but the experience was decidedly different. I was made present to the elements around me. And the omnipresent Mountain – that looms larger than anything around like a centerpiece in a perfect setting. And I was present to take it all in.

Food for thought

As I gorged on cherries that tasted divine, I realized that I would never find that anywhere else on the planet – the taste that I savor till this day. It was the taste of purity, of fresh produce. It was the taste of an abundant soil and clean water – and I am sure that everything that grows here has a fairy bending over it, urging it to grow, grow. This is the land of high energy and consciousness – and its magic shines through in everything. It was conscious food.

This place filled me with questions. Was I living a good quality of life? And what exactly was a good quality of life? Did the answer lie in the basics or in the frills?

To be Continued…