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Five Nice things you can do this Christmas

Christmas is the season that brings out the best in most of us. It’s hard not to sing along a Christmas song, join in the carols and feel your heart expand with gratitude! Is it not a wonderful life?

Here are five nice things you can do this Christmas

Send out Gratitude Notes

Look back at your year and review all that happened - the milestones, the challenges and the memories. Through it all there were people who helped you, cheered you on and were a part of your moments that became cherished memories. It’s time to let them know that you appreciate them and all that they contribute to your life. Your spouse, family, friends, co-workers, employees, employer…there are so many people who impact our lives directly and indirectly. Send out an email or good old snail mail – make your expression simple or creative – it’s the thought that counts!

Buy a gift to honor yourself

Pick up something symbolic of your growth and a tribute to all the challenges that have shaped a better you. How has the year helped you grow? Even our challenges have a purpose and a lesson. What was the most defining thing that happened to you? Appreciate yourself for your perseverance, your triumphs and your strength.

Release the year 2016 in a small ceremony

Write down all the things you would like to let go of – the disappointments, the people, the experiences, the challenges, your own negative thought patterns, behavior patterns that don’t support you, the break ups, the endings – all that has served its purpose and is not a part of your life anymore. It’s time to leave it all behind. Write it all down and then either tear up the papers or burn them and see it all go up in smoke and away from your life.

Intentions for 2017

Set up intentions for 2017. Intentions are not goals to be accomplished but more of a soul calling – what do I intend to be? What is my intent for my life and my services to this world, my purpose, the bigger picture, the bigger aspect of being and living with purpose and contribution.

Leave a surprise gift

Perhaps there is someone you haven’t spoken to in years but think of often, someone you have had a misunderstanding with; someone you lost touch with – reconnect with them by sending them a gift – it could be something small, even a heartfelt email message. When you give with only the spirit of giving and no intention attached, it is sure to touch a chord with the receiver.

You may leave a gift for the homeless, for the orphaned or for anyone whose face will light up with a smile upon receiving it. There are so many people who deserve a random act of kindness. Look around!

Here’s to a wonderful Christmas – a heart full of joy, a home full of laughter and a life full of miracles. The Christmas angel is nearby. Do not forget to write out your wish list for Santa. Merry Christmas Everyone!

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