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Being Maleficent - life lessons one can learn from this movie character

The 2014 movie, Maleficent is a modern-day take on the classic fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. Maleficent, is rescued from just being the evil fairy and she owns this tale completely as the central character. There are many things one can learn from her. Here’s why I heart the magnificent Maleficent.

She is the delight of being

The young Maleficent is a kind and joyful fairy. She loves her strong wings and her heart delights in flying around the Moors. She is friendly and loved by all, using her powers for the good of all. She epitomizes the delight of being. She is content and happy with her lot.

She fights for a cause

She is a fierce warrior and she is not afraid of facing an army to protect her home. She is responsible and rises to the occasion, literally. Maleficent is aware of her power and she owns her power completely.

She is brave enough to fall in love

Maleficent is not afraid of falling in love – she falls in love with abandon. Her vulnerability and innocent trust make her even more endearing. She gives her heart and her love completely, without holding back. Not a single negative thought in her pretty head. She is good and she believes in good.

She is brave enough to cry and move on

The one she loves betrays her. He steals her beautiful wings – her delight and her ability to fly is taken away from her. Her heartbroken cries could be heard across the Moors. What was more hurtful – being betrayed by your one “true love” or losing a part of your soul – a fairy left without her wings? She mourns her loss. But she rallies on. She learns to balance and walk using a staff and she toughens her broken heart by the steel of revenge. She hides behind the mask of evil to protect herself.

She owns her dark side, like a boss!

Maleficent turns into a fear evoking, evil spell weaving “mistress of all evil”. She is blinded by hurt and revenge as she curses the child of her “true love”. Masterfully crafty, she declares that “only true love’s kiss” will revive the young princess once she falls into a deep slumber by her 16th birthday. She owns her dark side too, like a Boss! Her delight and playfulness in purposefully troubling the three fairies – by creating rain showers in the cottage, instigating fights and arguments – would make you smile, just like a naughty and troublesome child.

She is the “true love”

She looks over and protects Princess Aurora. Determined to hate the princess whom she called Beastie, Maleficent falls in love with her. She realizes her folly in cursing her and tries to revoke the curse. Maleficent rides into the palace trying to protect the princess. She tries her best, in spite of her doubts about “true love”, to unite the Prince with Princess Aurora. She knew the king would attack her but she tries nonetheless. It is her Kiss that brings the Princess back from the world of slumber. Need we say more?

She forgives, but…

The King attacks her, wearing iron armor and surrounded with iron weapons – as she had once told him that iron hurts the fairies. She puts up a fierce fight. She is reunited with her wings, rescued by princess Aurora. She hesitates to kill her “true love”, (the King) forgiving all betrayals. But when he attacks her again, she does not spare him.

She unites the Kingdoms and makes Aurora the Queen of the Moors. She is back in her element – flying across the Moors with her trusted companion Diaval. She is the hero and the villain; she is the protector and the destroyer; she is the devil and the angel. Here’s to her – the truly Empowered One.

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