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The perfect pause - benefits of a wellness retreat

A wellness retreat is a perfect setting for re-balancing, rejuvenating and re-alignment. It’s a good place to transform the baggage and the blues to rainbow hues. In our day to day lives, we often get tied up with the routine, responsibilities and caring for others. A retreat brings your focus back to YOU – the most important person in your life. It is the perfect gift you can give yourself – quality time with yourself.

A retreat offers many gifts and opportunities; here are a few of them.

Being Present

In our doing focused life, a retreat is like a pause, a space of being with yourself. A retreat often acts as a trigger for change and when we go back to our lives, we go back with new insights and perspective. It reflects outward in all our actions in our everyday lives.

Self-love and self-awareness

All of us need a break from playing multiple roles in our lives – in our personal and professional capacities. A retreat is a perfect place to commit to a new self-love ritual, a daily ritual of writing affirmations, gratitude or just telling yourself how loved you are. As you start to re-connect with yourself, new doors of self-awareness open.

Travel changes you

Every time you travel it offers you something new - a new experience, a new friend, a new learning – travelling is life changing. As you spend time experiencing a new place, a new culture, a new way of life – it offers you a new perspective, a new possibility and a new understanding.

Nature is the best healer

When you spend time in nature – the lush greens, the beautiful blossoms - and connect with the energies of the Earth and look at, really look at the sky – you are rejuvenated. As you become present to the Oneness of all, this connection heals you and re-aligns your energies.

Intention and mindfulness

As you work with intent and mindfulness, you can manifest miracles. Connecting to the energies of the place and working in harmony with the elements bring about the perfect conditions for manifesting your desires. As you recharge and re-balance, you are centered and connected to all that IS. This is the space of magic.

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