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Five ways an Angel card reading can help you

Angels are everywhere. Every person has guardian angels that are there to assist them through their journey on planet earth. Along with the guardian angels, there are many angels and archangels that are making their presence felt on earth. The angels are happy to assist in every way – from finding your life purpose to finding a suitable parking spot; no task is too big or too small for them. If it holds significance for you, it would hold significance for them and they will treat each request equally. However, angels will never interfere in your life. They will only help if you ask them to as they respect the Law of free will. As the consciousness of our planet rises, more and more people are awakening to the power and presence of angels.

What is an angel card reading?

An angel card reading is done using oracle cards and is one of the ways to receive messages from the angels. The cards on their own do not carry any fixed meaning and can hold different meanings for different people. They are a medium to receive messages from the angelic realm.

Angel card readings can be done for self-analysis, guidance and finding direction. Angel messages are always positive and uplifting. Angels are not fortune-tellers.

Here are five ways an angel card reading can help you –

Asking for clarity

Use the angel cards to ask the angels to bring you more clarity about any situation or relationship. When you ask the angels for help, they will send you signs. Follow any persistent feelings, thoughts, ideas that come to you during and after the reading. Act on your guidance even if it doesn’t make “sense” or doesn’t seem logical.

Weighing different options

If you find yourself at a crossroad and don’t know which way to go, a reading can help you look at the alternatives and choose the path most suitable to you. You may seek guidance about your career, life purpose and priorities.

Bringing awareness to deal with challenges

The angels will help you look at the higher perspective. If you feel burdened, stuck or challenged, an angel card reading can help you look for the hidden influences, lessons and patterns that you need to work upon. Once they bring this to your awareness, you will gain a different perspective and understanding that will help you cope better and be solution oriented.

A daily message

You may form a rewarding daily ritual of picking a single card with an intention. You can do this reading every morning to get any messages about how the day will unfold and what your guidance is for the day ahead.

Positivity and inspiration

You can use angel cards to bring in the positive uplifting energies of angels into your life. You can create an altar or a sacred space/spot in your home with the cards. The images of the archangels and angels carry their vibrations.

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